Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How to Modify Ledger on SAARK Accounting software

Today I learnt how to modify the Ledger on saark accounting software. As we know Ledger is the main part of accounting, Ledger modification where we can add or remove any information related to customers.
Now I am going to telling you how to modify Ledger on saark accounting software.
Following are the main steps for modification of Ledger.

1st Step:

Go to the Master Tab

2nd Step:

Go to the Ledger Master. Again go to the Ledger Master

3rd Step:

After clicking on ledger master you will getting a page where you will see the list of customers Ledger.

4th Step:

After that double click on customers Ledger which ledger you want to modify

5th Step:

After that you will found a new page where can change any information. Then go to UPDATE Tab and save it.

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