Monday, January 23, 2017

How to create product or stock Ledger in Saark accounting software

Product creation is the main part of accounting. Product creation is also know stock Ledger, where we can keep accurate records of stock.We need all the information related to product like product company, product name, mrp of product, price of retailer, weight of product, category of product, sale tax category, packing etc.

 Today I am going to telling you how to create product or stock ledger in saark accounting software. Following are the main steps for creating a product or stock ledger-

1st Step:

Go to the Master Tab

2nd Step:

Then go to product Master
Again Go to the product Master
click on product master you will see a new page

3rd Step:

After that click on the NEW tab which is the right side of page
then you will found a new page of product creation

4th Step:

After that as per your requirement select the type of account like finished goods then click on SHOW Tab

5th Step:

After clicking on show tab you fill find a new page where you will fill up the details of products then click on SAVE tab
after that your product ledger is ready.

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