Write for Our Website and Earn Money

We do not give any promise. Yes, it is truth. If you write original, good and great, people around the world will come and read your content. So, we can sell them the products or ads of products. Same earning, we will share with you.

1. How will We share the Earning? 

Ans. It depends on the number of views which your content has received. For example, we are earning Rs. 6000 per month from selling and third party ads. If your views are the 50% of total views. It means, we have earned Rs. 3000  from your support. We will give you Rs.  1500. Rest Rs. 1500 will be used for promotion of this website.

2. How to Write in this Website?

First you have to register yourself by sending us request on our email vinod@svtuition.org

We will register your name by adding your address and your bank detail where we will deposit the earned money. After this, we will send invitation to you as the author of our website. You have to accept it and you will reach our website dashboard. Where you have to write and publish your experience anytime and from anywhere. Before publishing your content, please keep it in draft mode. We will check it. If it is under our standard policy, you can publish it. If it is copied from other website or less than 300 words or promoting your commercial activities, it may be deleted from our website.