Friday, January 27, 2017

How to Enter Daily Deposit Transactions in saark accounting software

Today I learnt how to enter daily deposits amounts in saark accounting software.
daily deposits means,  which amount we received in installment from our customers on the basis of credit sale. its include cash received or check received.

so lets learn how to enter receipt  transactions in saark accounting software.

1st Step:

Goto the Transaction Tab

2nd Step:

After that go-to the Daily Deposits then click on Daily Deposits Transactions

3rd Step:

You will found a new screen, then click on Tab NEW RECEIPT Which is the left side of page.

4th Step:

After that you will see a new screen then select date, cash receipt or cheque receipt, enter party name and amount received from customer.

After that click on SAVE Tab and save the receipt transaction.
For cheque receipt mentioned the cheque number and select cheque receipt instead of cash receipt.

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