Friday, February 10, 2017

Some Shortcut keys of saark accounting software

Today I am sharing some shortcut keys of saark accounting software. We can save our time for using shortcut keys.

Sort key           Usages

Shift+F1     For New  account  creation
Shift+F2    For New product creation

Shift+F3    For New voucher creation

Shift+ F4    For New Receipt

Shift+ F5    For Purchase entry

Shift+F6     For Sale entry

Shift+F7     For Ledger

Shift+F8     For  Stock Ledger

Ctrl+L         For Ledger Master

Ctrl+F11        Calculator

F2                For Save the sale bill

F4                For Expenses Details

F5                For sale returns

F8                Sale Discount

Alt+F4        For close the software

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