Saturday, February 4, 2017

My learning at the end of day 4th Feb 2017

Today I am sharing my mistakes.
My Mistakes:
my 1st mistake was when I was go to somewhere without informing my colleague. He was waiting me, but I was going to some office work. So its my mistake. I don't want someone hurted from my side. 
Good Habit:
Always inform to your colleague whenever you go-to somewhere. It is a good habit.
My 2nd Mistake:
My another mistake was when I miss a sale entry on saark software, suddenly I remember then i enter sale on software.
We learn from our mistakes.

I Learnt from New earning opportunity:
Today I learnt from new earning opportunity sv tuitions website , that New earning opportunity is my best ebook when I forget something it remember me also tech me new things. This is the world's best best website. We can teach and learn new things from this website.
I request to everyone you can also became a member of website and share your views and learn new things.

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