Friday, January 20, 2017

What did Vikas Learn 20th Jan. 2017

1. Today's job reviews

It was 11 am morning, when I reached my office after 1 hours the light has gone. I was just starting my work but now i am free. I was waiting  light but it's 3 pm the light has not came. It was 3:05 pm afternoon suddenly light has come then I started my work  with one hrs I finished my work.
It was sunny day today. After a long time I felt sun light.

2. My previous jobs review

Today I am sharing my third job experience. After one year, I left my nokia care center job because I got an better opportunity.
It was April 2008, I was selected in the the firm of vishal retails. My job profile was edp in charge.

3. My achievements in vishal retails

In vishal retails l learnt so many things which was great achievement of my life. I learnt there many things like rxl billing software, sap business software, making the 30 reports per day, it was really nice experience of me.
I achieved so many targets in vishal retails. my  duty timings was 9 am to 1 am night. I learnt there time management also. Now I can give maximum time to my company for company profit .

3. My good & bad experience

After 6 month of my job i resigned from my job. Because my company transferred me to haryana, and only 4500  rupees i can't manage  in metro cities. So after resigned i feel very bad and disappointed. When I got the opportunity i was so happy. I thought now i was settled but I don't getting success in my career. All the jobs of mine was not stable. It is my bad luck & time.
But I don't lose hope, one day i will get succeeded on my career.

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