Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How did Vikas Spend 18th Jan. 2017

18 January 2017, Wednesday
It was 9 am very cold morning, I felt not good so did not going to my office. I felt cold and fever. I miss my work and my office. I took medicine after taking medicine I took some rest.
It was 2 pm afternoon, I felt little bit ok.

Today I am sharing about my first job after graduation.
It was January, 2006, morning 9:00 am. I was reading an advertisement regarding computer operators job at my location. I met with concern person. After that I was selected as a computer operators and customer care executives in the firm smart profit associates. It was the franchise of stock exchanges. I was so happy for getting my first job. On that time i was fresher. I didn't know how to handle customer and how to operate computer. I learnt so many things from my first job, also i got maximum knowledge of share market.  How to purchase share , how to sell share for customers. Openings a new demat account  of new customers.
Day by day I was perfect on the field of stock exchanges by god Grace.
It was 10 February 2006 afternoon, I got my first salary from my first job.
I got only 1200 indian rupees. I was very happy when i got my first salary. I didn't felt sadness for rupees 1200. It was so low amount but I thank God for that. It doesn't matter pay was low the main thing is that I learnt so many things and got more and more experience. It has rightly been said experience teaches the unskilled.

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