Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How did Vikas Spend 17th Jan. 2017

Today 17 January 2017, Tuesday
Today I am sharing my previous experience; it was 15 November 2016, 8 am morning, this was the very happiest moment in my life.

On that time I was working as data entry operator in BPO sector on day shift. Suddenly all the coworker’s left their job on that time so my boss gives me a chance of team leader, I was promoted. I got so many responsibilities on that time. I handled the responsibility of   team leader, recruiter, trainer, and project manager. on that time i was little bit afraid how to handle all these responsibilities but i was handled all the responsibilities easily.
we don't get any experience without  taking any responsibility. so take the responsibility and get succeed.  
After 15 days; it was 30 November, I got news we don’t getting next project and the BPO was closed soon, after hearing that news I felt very disappointed, felt very bad. I was promoted only for 15th days. It was my happiest days as well as bad day.
it was 4:00 pm afternoon, Today i learnt some things on my software
as cash in hand details, birthday reminder chart. i want to learn each part of this software as soon as possible i will do that, and one day i will became the master of saark software.

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