Saturday, January 14, 2017

How did Vikas Spend 14th Jan. 2017

Today 14th of January 2017, Saturday

It's 8 am morning, I leave my bed and doing yoga. Now i  did  yoga daily. We can remove our illness and negative thoughts  through yoga, so I suggested to everyone to do yoga daily and see the miracles.

It's 9:00 am morning I took  my breakfast after taking my breakfast I was  ready to go to my office. 10:00 am morning I was waiting my co-worker for going to office. I was  waiting my colleague for one hours but he do not came, then I  called him why he was not came today, he was  telling me he could not come today. Today was  his off. I missed  my work i felt very bad. I can't go to office it was my bad day. I wanted  to learn everything as soon as possible. Then I came back to home.

It's 12:00 pm afternoon, I was searching some good opportunity/BPO projects without upfront for my boss through internet. It's beneficial for me as well as each unemployed people who are looking for a better opportunity. I would like to work on unemployed youth's. I want more and more companies come at kangra location in Himachal Pradesh  and unemployed people get better opportunity to his home town. It's my dream.

It's 3:25 pm afternoon, I was sending some valuable information to my nears and dears regarding BHIM App which are launching by Mr Narendra Modi prime minister of India. BHIM APP is best source of cashless transactions. I request everyone please use this app.

It's 5:30 pm evening, I read some inspirational quotes sending by Mr Vinod kumar owner of svtuition. I am follower of Mr Vinod kumar. He  inspired me.

It's 5:45 pm evening, I am watching a tv show Indian ideal conducted by sony channel, where i seeing a singer he is hand less person, I really inspired by him, if he reach on top-level then why i am.

It's 7 pm evening, I am watching the show of Mr Kapil sharma conducted by sony channel. It's very best show where we can remove our tention. It's rightly been said laughing is the best medicine.

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