Saturday, January 14, 2017

How did Vikas Spend 13th Jan. 2017

Today 13 Jan 2017, It's 8 am morning, I leave my bed and doing some exercise yoga because my mom suggested me yesterday that do yoga for better healthy life so I followed my mom advice, really i feel so better.

It's 10 am morning I am waiting my colleague for going to my new work place. 4 months ago i worked with a BPO in December month my boss closed his bpo business due to fraud process, he don't getting any genuine project so he closed his bpo business. So I think now i am again job less on that day i feel very bad but my boss adjusted me on his another business.

I join my new job on 10th Jan 2017 as an accountant, I am learning there a new accounting software saark, no one is helping me for teaching the software, I learn it myself. It's 11 am i am enter daily sales on saark software, I learn new thing credit sale and cash sale option. My colleague doesn't want me to do job there he feels threats from me because if I learn everything my boss give me charge of office.

So I don't want he lost his job due to me.

It's 7:30 pm I celebrate Lohri festival with my parents, I enjoyed this festival so much.

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