My name is Vinod Kumar. I am founder of this Website. I have made this website for giving new earning opportunity who are not earning enough. I am teacher, doctor, motivator and Entrepreneur. I met lots of people every day due to lots my profession and business online and offline.

Reasons of Opening this Website 

 1. Many of them do not pay the fees or they have not enough source of money for buying product from me. So, I started this mission. Because I know they have biggest asset and whose name is their experience. No one give its price. But only I will give its great price.

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1. We have to share only our experience in this Website. Experience may be business, job, profession and family.

2. Every one in this whole world wants to learn knowledge from your great experience. So, it is sure, people will come to read this website.

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5. You must need 10th Grade English writing or English translation knowledge. Your life is your experience. You just share your life.

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So, this is the mission of  New Earning Opportunities Website. If you want to earn money by share your experience on this website, please contact me at my email vinod@svtuition.org or mobile no. 8557028918