Monday, February 6, 2017

How to create Credit Note on saark accounting software

Today I learnt how to create credit note on saark accounting software.
Credit note is a document which is send by seller to  buyers. We received credit note from our customers when goods are defective, over quantity, bad quality.
When we received debit note from our customers then we issue credit note. The amount of goods returns will be less on credit note.
So Let's learn how to create credit note on saark accounting software. Following are the main steps for creating a credit note.
1st Step:
Go to Transaction Tab

2nd Step:
After that go to Credit Note Transaction, again go to Credit Note Transaction
Then click on Credit note Transaction

3rd Step:
After that you will found a new screen then click on Tab NEW Trans which is the left side of page

4th Step:
After clicking on new tab you will found a new page, then select the date of voucher, enter the name of customer then press enter

5th Step:
After getting a new screen fill up the details of goods returns by our customers, like name of product, Quantity of goods returns, Rate.

6th Step:
After that click on SAVE Tab and save the credit note

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