Monday, January 30, 2017

How to enter daily sale bills in saark accounting software

Today I learnt how to enter daily sale bills in saark accounting software. When a company sells its products for earning , its called sales and when we enter it into software its called sale bill or sale voucher. When company sell its products on cash it is cash sale, and if they sell there products on credit its called credit sale. Company received Credit sale amount  on installment.
So Let's learn how to enter daily sale bills on saark accounting software. Following are the main steps for For entering the sale bills on saark.

1st Step:
Go-to the Invoicing Tab

2nd Step:
Then click on Sales bill

3rd Step:
You will found a new screen
After that click on the New Invoice which is the left side of page.

4th Step:
After that select Bill date, Name of Sales Man, Cash or Credit(When we sell on cash then select cash and when we sell on credit select credit), Account Head then press enter key.

5th Step:
You will see a new column where you can enter your daily sale bills details like Item code, Item Name, Quantity and Rate you will get the Amount automatically.

For Expenses Details Press F4 where you will get the information related to Tax, Discounts, Bill Amount etc.

6th Step:
After that click on SAVE Tab or Press F2  for save the sale bills.

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