Friday, January 27, 2017

How to Create Voucher in SAARK Accounting software

Today I learnt, how to create Voucher in SAARK. Voucher creation is the nessesory part of accounting. Voucher is a proof of business transactions, no entry is valid without the support of a voucher.
Voucher may be included cash voucher,  journal voucher, sale voucher, purchase voucher, sale returns and purchase returns.

Now I would like to telling you how to create a voucher in saark accounting software.
Followings are the main steps for creating a new voucher.

1st Step:
Go to the Transaction Tab
Then go to cash/Journal voucher after that voucher Transaction.

2nd Step:
After that you will found a new page then click on Tab NEW Voucher which is the left side of page

3rd Step:
You will see a new screen, After that select the  date of voucher and voucher type as per your voucher which is the right side of screen then click on Proceed Tab in right side of screen.

4th Step:
After that  you will see a new screen then enter the voucher details on given below row it's included L/F Number, Account Head, select payment or receipt as per your voucher requirements, voucher amount, Description. Then Save the voucher from Tab of SAVE which is the left side of page.

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