Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Own Experience Regarding Welfare of Humanity

In 1999, I met a social worker who provided financial support to poor and needy students. I started to involve in this welfare activity by donating Rs. 100 from my earning. Except this, I also helped him for collecting donation, carrying books, shoes and other for needy students. This welfare activities had given me peace of mind.

You can not earn peace of mind from any where. You can get it only through welfare of humanity. When you will start help to helpless. You will get the God's blessing. Same blessing is useful for your successful life. When you do only business or profession without involving in any social or human welfare activities, you will become only a selfish creation. At that time, you will not get the peace of mind.

Moreover, you also require the help. If you did not give the help, how can expect help from other. So, you first start to give help.

( Important : This Content is in beginning stage. I will surely share new knowledge on this topic my opening my experience.)

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